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The DigiNu online food ordering platform is simple, yet effective.

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Why DigiNu?

Tap Into Unexplored Markets

Online food ordering is rapidly growing, and is a market that holds untapped potential.

Together, Pulling In the Same Direction

The DigiNu platform is our business. Producing quality meals is yours. Together, we’re able to create something truly unique.

What Your Customer Wants, Where They Want it

Demands have shifted, as have customer expectations. Contactless, convenient, and timely food ordering is what we do.

Demand & Media

It’s in your best interest (and ours) to maximize online orders. The DigiNu team work tirelessly to drive hungry visitors to our online food ordering platform.

The DigiNu Family

Our platform is growing , which is only made possible by merchants like yourself. Join the DigiNu family, and share in our future success.

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How Registration Works

  1. Submit your details on the form above
  2. Tells us about your restaurant, and upload your menu
  3. Once approved, You’re live. Orders now start rolling in

How The DigiNu Platform Works

A Customer Orders

Navigating the DigiNu platform, a customer selects your restaurant and places an order online.

You Review & Prepare

Your restaurant accepts and prepares the order.

The Order is Collected

At a convenient, pre-determined time that suits both restaurant and customer.

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